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Tegan bideford hairdresser stylistTegan - Stylist

I was always interested in doing hair professionally from quite a young age, from plaiting and twisting my school mates hair to messing around with my family’s as well. My inspiration for hair came from both my mother and sister; my mother who explored hairdressing for a few years, and my sister who is now a senior stylist herself. Runs in the family! 

I started my hair journey at city of Oxford college when i was 15. there I learned the basic ropes of hairdressing only to expand my knowledge once I moved down to Devon.

I started as an apprentice at a little salon in the heart of Okehampton. I worked there for almost 2 years, doing more hair than a usual apprentice would. As I worked there my love for colour started shining through, I got to explore with them more and make some amazing outcomes! 

I decided to leave there to expand my knowledge even more and came here to Steven and Laurent Hairdressers. Where I’m excited to work with new people, products and new experiences.





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