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Rachel - Senior Stylist / Wedding Coordinator

Rachel mainI have lived and worked in my home town all my life and have been hairstyling for 28 years and I absolutely love every bit of my career, my main passion is to create beautiful hair for beautiful brides that's why here at Steven and Laurent Hairdressers I am the in-house wedding coordinator, responsible for designing and styling many of our wedding photo shoots for the salon and also major bridal magazines.

I have attended many seminars in my career including advanced cutting and colouring courses and the things I get the most pleasure from are my Hair-up and Bridal work.

Although I enjoy every part of my craft, making people feel special on the inside and on the outside makes me so happy too!!,

I also am part of the in salon training which I enjoy very much, passing on almost 3 decades years of knowledge gives me a lot of pleasure to watch and see the the next generation of stylists evolve.

When my son Cameron, other family life and hairdressing are not filling my time I love to get out in the countryside to ride my Horse Grace or Walk my Little dog Pip,  I'm also a keen runner and completing my first Half Marathon only recently.




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