Senior Stylist

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Chloe - Senior Stylist

I started my adventure at 16 when i left school with a dream of becoming a creative hairdresser. During my first two years of college i won two awards, my first award being for best apprentice and my second was winning best colourist.

At 18 i started working hard to build a clientele eager to get all the big colour corrections and restyles. There's nothing i love more than completely transforming a client, bringing out their complection and features, the best feeling in the world is making my client happy with their hair!

At 20 and full of confidence i applied to work for the cruise lines, something i wanted to do since i starting hairdressing. My first contract sailing out of Los Angeles, and my second contract sailing out of Florida. My experience aboard the cruise ships have made me grow as a person and a stylist.

I am a huge perfectionist! and take great pride in my work. I'm always pushing myself to be the best i can and learn something new everyday.

Now still only in my early 20’s i am ready to start a new adventure developing my knowledge further as part of the award winning Steven and Laurent hairdressers team.