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Written by Natasha Henson

Quick and Easy TikTok Hair Hacks

hair hacks

TikTok is the next big thing in social media, so it’s no surprise trends are emerging on the platform by the second. From TikTok challenges to life hacks and general entertainment, you’ll find everything and more to distract you for a few hours!

One of the draws to the platform is checking out different hacks you can try, and a great example of this is hair hacks. Now, I would note, there are lots of things NOT to try with your hair if you’re unsure, and plenty of TikTok hair fail videos that will give you some insight. However, there are some easy and hassle-free styling hacks you can use to speed up your routine. Check out some of the top TikTok hair hacks below:

Bathrobe overnight curls

hair hacks

This styling hack gained TikTok fame last year for creating an easy way to get bouncy curls while you sleep, and all you need is your bathrobe tie to get heat-free waves. Check out how to do it here. This hair hack also had celebrity stylists raving about it, so why not try it out for wavy locks.

The perfect curtain bangs

hair hacks

Curtain bangs are a huge hair trend at the moment, but if you struggle to keep the volume in your fringe, check out this TikTok hair hack. It’s super simple; just use a round brush and blow-dry upwards for added oomph.

No-tie bun

hair hacks

If you’re trying to tame long locks into a messy bun, it’s often not as easy as it looks. So why not opt for the no-tie bun instead. This TikToker shows you how to style your hair quickly with no tools here.

Easy half up-dos

hair hacks

The 90s hair claw accessory is back, and the number of TikTok videos featuring this gem shows how popular it is. For a quick and easy half up-do, guide the hair claw along your parting to pick up hair and secure it in place at the back. It works for mid to long length hair, and there are a variety of colours available to match your outfits.

Get a thicker ponytail

hair hacks

Does your ponytail fall flat after a while? Well, this TikToker shows us how to add more bounce and volume with just a few clips.

Have you tried out any TikTok hair hacks that save you time in the morning? Let us know your favourites! 

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