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Written by Natasha Henson

Hair Transformation With The Kevin Murphy Nudes Colour.Me Range

 beige violet hair

Summer is nearly here, and I thought it would be the perfect time to try something a little different with my hair colour. If you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you’ll know a few years ago, I underwent a pretty big hair transformation to turn my three-toned locks into an icy white tone.

Since then, I’ve changed blonde toners a few times but haven’t strayed too far from my signature blunt blonde bob. However, I took the plunge at my last appointment and decided to switch it up a little.

I first spotted the Kevin Murphy Beige Violet range when it came into the salon around a year ago. I loved the lighter end of the colour range and chatted to Senior Stylist Ellie about trying the lightest toner out first. I loved the result, so we decided to move to the next shade to deepen the result even further.

The process was similar to my previous salon visits. Roots touched up first with treatment and toner. Ellie used a slight mix of toners to create my final result. So if it takes your fancy, just ask in the salon for more details.

And this was the result…

pastel lilac hair

This tone is perfectly on-trend for spring/summer, and you can keep on top of the colour with a specially mixed conditioning treatment from the salon. Alongside this, aftercare is really important for bleached hair, and I use my trusty Kevin Murphy products to keep it in the best condition possible.

My favourite products include:

haircare products

REPAIR-ME.WASH – A restorative shampoo that cleanses, strengthens and repairs hair.

REPAIR-ME.RINSE – A reparative conditioner that nourishes and restores health and vibrancy.

LEAVE-IN.REPAIR – A lightweight leave-in conditioning treatment that repairs and restores fragile hair.

I also swear by RE.STORE, which is an ultra-conditioning treatment to strengthen colour treated hair. I use this once a week, and it replaces shampoo and conditioner on the day of use.

New products in salon – Omniblonde

A recent addition to Steven & Laurent Hairdressers’ product range is Omniblonde. Whatever type of blonde you are, this brand is perfect for keeping your hair looking beautiful. I can’t wait to try it out! Check out the recent launch party on Facebook.

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Benefits of Visiting a Hair Salon

adam winger KVVjmb3IIL8 unsplash

Getting my hair refreshed is one of my favourite pampering sessions – I mean, who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh cut hair!

Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the salon or pop in a few times a year, the experience of having a professional cut and colour can help you feel great. Plus, it provides long term care for your hair.

There are many benefits of visiting a salon, and here’s a few of them below:

Professional haircuts and colouring services

While lockdown may have had some of you trimming or colouring your own hair, there’s nothing better than getting a professional stylist to refresh your hair.

The talented team at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers are experts in helping you achieve a look and style that makes you feel incredible. Plus, visiting a hairstylist sorts out common issues such as split ends, uneven hair colour, and lacklustre locks.

hair salon

The relaxation factor

The relaxation factor is a big part of why people go and get their haircut at a professional salon. Sitting in the chair for a few hours is an enjoyable and relaxing way to focus on self-care and take time away from the everyday routine.

For me, there is nothing more relaxing than having my hair washed and dried and seeing the final result.

Healthy hair

If you’re looking to get healthy hair, visiting a salon regularly is one of the best ways to achieve this. This is especially true for anyone looking for colour or bleach options, as uneven application can cause damage and dryness. Regular cuts also keep your hair healthy, and those split ends at bay.

hair salon 2

The socialisation factor

It’s no surprise that salons are one of the best places to socialise. Plus, being in and out of lockdowns over the past year - we could all do with a good ol’ chat and a cuppa for a few hours. You could even check out the drinks menu and have a cocktail while you wait!

Experience the benefits

Going to a hair salon for a professional cut and colour is a great opportunity to relax, socialise and achieve healthy, fabulous looking hair. It’s also the perfect way to incorporate self-care into your routine and take some time for yourself every few months.

Why not experience the benefits yourself and chat with the team at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers to book your next appointment.


Images: Unsplash 

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Saying Goodbye To Lockdown Hair

stevenandlaurent header

One of the things I was most looking forward to when lockdown started to ease was getting back into the salon. If like me, your roots were a good few inches long, but you resisted the temptation to get the box dye out – congrats we made it!

The new normal

It’s no surprise that the phones were off the hook trying to get an appointment at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers as soon as they announced the re-opening. Getting my hair done is certainly something I’ve missed during lockdown, and I’m sure many people felt the same way.

After booking my appointment, they went through all the things that were in place and what to expect in the salon. I didn’t have any reservations about going, and once I arrived, as normal, I felt totally at ease. I still haven’t got used to wearing a face-covering though, but it’s the new normal until the situation changes.

If you’re booked in over the next few weeks, you can expect the same fantastic service as always. There are just a few more safety elements in place so that everyone feels comfortable and safe during their appointment. For more details, check out this Facebook post.

Hello refreshed locks

From my previous posts, you’ll know that I have bleach on my regrowth and toner to make it icy white. Of course, with around four months of no touch-ups, you can imagine my roots were pretty noticeable. If you follow my Instagram (@tashaahenson), you’ll see that I made good use of hats during the lockdown period. Plus, I also kept up a ritual of leaving it a few days between washes and using Kevin Murphy products.

My stylist Cameron said my hair was in great condition, and while I usually have a good few inches chopped off - this time, we decided to leave it slightly longer as the condition was fab.

Check out the result below:

tashaahenson hair

Your next appointment

With lockdown easing, all the new safety precautions and wearing a face covering can feel quite daunting. However, the team are on-hand to answer any questions you have to help make the process super easy. You can also check out the Steven & Laurent Hairdressers Facebook and Instagram pages, where you’ll find regular updates and information on salon appointments.

Invest in your hair - it’s the crown you never take off.

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