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Written by Natasha Henson


Hi guys I hope you're well and enjoying the sunshine?! I just wanted to pop on here today to share with you some photos of my hair journey so far. I've been many shades of blonde and I've also been brunette so I wanted to talk you through how I've managed to get super blonde again and maintained healthy hair during the process.

Going super blonde can't really happen in one session unless you're naturally quite fair. So it has been a gradual process but it's also been the best thing for my hair. In the past I have had a full head bleach which left my hair very brittle and also very yellow. I have naturally dark, warm hair so lifting it can be quite difficult. Now that I'm happy with the shade of blonde I currently am I do a few things at home to maintain a fresh colour and healthy hair. Healthy, blonde hair needs care so here's what I do.

  • Regular trims. I have my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks which is when I also have my roots topped up.
  • Roots only! I never have the colour pulled through to the ends, the ends of my hair are blonde already so there is no need to over process.
  • Smartbond. I've been having the Smartbond treatment done at Steven & Laurent for a couple of years now and it's the best thing I have done for my hair whilst going blonde. It helps to protect and strengthen the hair and I've noticed a huge difference since using it. I also use the step 3 conditioner at home once a week.
  • Silver Shampoo, I like to use a silver shampoo once or twice a week and this just helps to keep any brassy tones at bay. The toner usually helps with this but it doesn't last until my next hair appointment so to keep the blonde looking fresh between appointments I'll opt for silver shampoo.
  • The final thing I do to keep my hair in good condition is use minimal heat. I used to blow-dry and straighten my hair 3-4 times a week and that is the worst thing you can do. I now try to let my hair air dry as much as possible then straighten it and I also like to leave my hair natural as much as possible now too.

Tell me about your hair journey, will you be lightening your hair up for summer or going dark? Would love to know!

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STRUGGLE 1: Brushing your hair is a big NO, NO!

Brushing your hair can mess up the curl pattern and create huge amount of unwanted frizz. The best thing to do is de-tangle your hair in the shower. Use a good amount of conditioner, then use a wide tooth comb to remove any knots and tangles. Stay away from the brush! 

STRUGGLE 2: You hair always feels dry 

You hair never feels "normal" right? Dryer and coarser than usual, this is completely normal for curly hair. Try and use products to help even out your hair’s porosity, us curly girls have very porous hair which means it sucks up a lot of moisture.

STRUGGLE 3: You have to get up hours before everyone else to sort out that Maine. 

Don't worry there are now plenty of products available to help you get that extra beauty sleep. No blow dry creams are a life saver. They simply style your hair for you, no hot tools, no fuss and definitely no frizz. Hoorah! 

STRUGGLE 4: Humidity, just NO. 

Any amount of humidity will just flatten and ruin your hair. Whether you've decided to go for a bouncy blow-dry and want that straight life for a while or if your curls are looking perfect any amount of humidity is going to ruin that good hair vibe. Try using hair gels or hair oils to tame the frizz and keep that style looking perfect all day long. 

STRUGGLE 5: The wrong haircut can make you look like a poodle. 

Book yourself in with a stylist here at Steven & Laurent right now. We know how to make your curls look their very best and can also give you all the advice you need on what products to use on those precious locks. 

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How To Restore And Repair Damaged Hair || Best Products and Treatments


It's no secret, I like to over bleach my hair and have it as blonde as possible but with that comes damage. Unfortunately when going super blonde damage can't really be avoided but there are many products out there to help repair and improve the hairs texture and feel. First of all it's very important to have regular trims to ensure those dead ends stay well away and there are also some great treatments and products you can use to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Being blonde these days is much easier than it used to be, there are amazing salon treatments that you can have during the colour process which is something I have every time without fail. Smartbond is a unique system by L'Oreal that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and haircolour). The system consists of 3 components, the first 2 being used in salon and the 3rd one at home. It has made the world of difference to my hair colouring experience and I'd highly recommend trying this service if you haven't yet.

Next up let's talk products. Here at Steven & Laurent we take great pride in making sure your hair looks it's very best at all times and we have the products that can help you achieve the same looks we create at home. We now stock Shu Uemura products, a luxurious brands with products to match. Shu Uemura was named after its founder and legendary Japanese make-up artist, has been breaking the boundaries of beauty for over 50 years.

There are a few products I've been using on my hair since having it coloured at the salon and I have to say they have made a huge difference. Let me talk you through some of my favourite products, these were recommended to me when I was in the Salon last and they've made my hair feel great.

Ultimate Remedy Shampoo
A unique and innovative shampoo designed specifically for damaged hair. Featuring Lotus Infusion and Ceramide 1000 PPM technology to restore the strength of hair fibres, this shampoo purifies and gently cleanses to leave you with luscious locks. Also working to rebalance the scalp and infuse the hair with natural goodness, your hair will transform from dull, damaged and lifeless to healthy, voluptuous locks with a salon fresh shine.

Ultimate Remedy Masque
A restorative hair masque designed to treat damaged hair. Featuring Lotus Infusion and Ceramide 1000 PPM technology, this masque strengthens and solidifies hair fibres to leave hair feeling improved with a soft and flexible feel.

Ultimate Remedy Serum
Designed for use on ultra-damaged hair, this dual-chambered leave-in formula features a cream with powerful ceramide 2000 PPM technology, and a serum rich in lotus infusion to control frizz, hydrate and deeply nourish. Its revolutionary formula keeps the hair fibre sealed and imparts lavish shine whilst ultimately protecting.

When it comes to styling it's also very important to use the right products. I'm not really one to use too many products as I like my hair to feel as lightweight as possible, I find that some products can really weight my hair down and the style doesn't last long if I have product overload but these three have been working amazingly well on my hair.


I always keep this Travel Sized Essence Absolue on me, I tend to use it when my hair is feeling a little dry or looking a tad frizzy and it really helps to tame. This is basically a nourishing and lightweight treatment that will give you silky soft, tangle free hair. Infused with Camellia Oil to protect the hair fibre, this innovative formula combats frizz and dryness.


Before I dry my hair I tend to spitz some of the Shu Uemura Straightforward Time-Saving Blow Dry Oil. It has been designed for medium to thick hair delivering a faster blow dry while the oil based formula coats every strand for smoother, sleeker and shinier hair. I did worry that with it being a dry oil it would leave my hair quite oily but it actually leaves it frizz-free, sleek and gorgeous!

I hope you found this helpful, when you are next in the salon or have five minutes free come and talk to our friendly staff to see what products they can recommend you from Shu Uemura. Everyone needs to try this brand!


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