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Written by Natasha Henson

6 Easy Hairstyles For The Festive Season

christmas hair

It is almost time for the Christmas party season. After a couple of disrupted years, it is really exciting to be able to dress up and head out feeling festive and socialising, enjoying delicious meals, and gathering with friends and family. But, of course, if you want to shine and dazzle without taking too long to get ready, here are some easy Christmas hairstyles to help you minimise your preparation time.

Tuck it into a top knot

The top knot never loses style, and it’s effortless to achieve at home. Start with a tidy ponytail and then twist the rest of your locks up into a knot and secure with a couple of hairgrips. Next, you can add some fancy hair clips, a thin hairband or some glitter and tinsel for a festive look.

christmas hair

Go for a low bow

This low-slung bun is the perfect look and is relatively easy to achieve. Start by using either rollers or tongs to curl your hair. Once cool and set, shake out the curls and create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Pin the hair into a bun shape and finish with a ribbon and bow that matches your outfit. Gently pull a couple of tendrils of hair out of the ponytail from just above the ears, so they fall in front of your face to soften the look.

Take it to the side

If you have long hair, you can consider the side parting. This works equally well for shoulder length or longer. Part of the hair to one side and clip back the lower side with some pretty slides using large rollers or a waving iron create some loose waves. Allow them to cool, and gently use your fingers to tease them out; finish with a touch of glitter spray.

christmas hair

Show off your natural beauty

If you are lucky enough to have gleaming hair or even perfect curls, then wearing your hair loose and natural is the best way to show it off. Add a chunky headband to ensure it doesn’t fall in your face and get in the way of your night.

Waterfall braids

Getting the hang of a French braid will always stand you in good stead for creating easy hairstyles at home. Once you’ve perfected the technique, why not try a waterfall braid, starting by platting the hair from the top of your right ear heading down towards your left shoulder. Finish with some ribbon or other pretty accessories to create the perfect Christmas look.

christmas hair 3


High pony

The high ponytail is a super classic look and perfect for Christmas styling. Jennifer Lopez is one star who has rocked this look, and it works perfectly if you have wavy or curly hair. You can use hairspray or styling gel to capture all the small pieces of hair. To get the perfect high ponytail, tip your head forwards before gathering your curls to sit as high as possible on your head. Finish by taking a piece of hair from underneath the ponytail, wrapping it around the elastic, and securing it with a hairgrip.

Whether you're heading out or bringing the party to the living room, there's never been a better excuse to a little more sparkle to the festive season. 


Images: Pexels 

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