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Written by Natasha Henson


 coachella hair
Festival season is almost upon us and with Coachella happening right now and all of the other major festivals just around the corner I thought it would be a great time to share my favourite festival worthy braids. When it comes to festival hair many of us seem to go down the flower crown route but that's not always the easiest or most practical, I mean who wants to be dancing around trying to keep a crown on their head? Braids are super quick and easy to do and you also get two styles in one because once you let those braids loose you are going to be left with gorgeous wavy tresses! 
Feeling lazy, no worries with this style the messier the better! Grab some surf spray to add some more texture and get braiding. The looser the better, a super sexy and easy look to achieve. 
Although we are steering away from flower crowns don't be afraid to try the braided crown, it's a very gorgeous look and it's the best look for keeping hair out of the face. Ideal for those that like to wear their hair up but fancy an added festival vibe. 
Embrace those natural waves or if you haven't got much movement try using the Bumble Don't Blow It styling cream to enhance your natural wave. Add some baby plaits sporadically, you can do this anywhere and even create your own braided hairband for added cuteness! 
Braid within a braid is a super clever way to make you look like you've spend a lot of time but really you haven't. It looks super complicated but is actually a very simple style to achieve and so many styles you could do too, how about braidy buns! 
festival hair
Top 3 Bumble and Bumble products to take on your festival adventure: 
Tame frizz with Surf Infusion 
Create natural, soft waves with Don't Blow It
Keep it fresh with Pret-a-powder
Need some more tips with your festival hair? Ask in the salon for more, we can even give you a festival colour that will make you stand out in the crowd! 
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Festival Ready Hair with Bumble & Bumble


Festival season is upon us and one thing we all worry about when getting festival ready is our hair right? Today I'm going to talk you through a few of my favourite Bumble products to help you through your festival stay! 


Shampoo & Conditioner

When getting our hair festival ready you want to make sure you're using the right shampoo and conditioner for the occasion... yes it does exist! Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for getting your locks festival ready. This combo is going to add texture and movement to your hair without weighing it down and it smells super beachy and sea breezy! 



Surf Spray: To go with the shampoo and conditioner and to amp up the beachy waves you can add some of the classic Bumble Surf spray, the products contain sea minerals to add even more texture and volume to the look. 


NEW Surf Infusion: New to the Surf range is the Surf Infusion, a salt-in-oil innovation that is going to create sea-tossed waves and give extra shine and life to the hair, this is perfect to add to your hair throughout you're festival stay and is ideal for those with coarse dry hair. 


Pret-a-powder: Going to festivals we all worry about the shower and hair washing situations, not anymore, with Pret-a-powder you're set to stay all week. This style extender is perfect for those with oily hair types or if you've just missed a shampoo or two, it also adds volume which is fabulous. 


How will you be styling you're hair this festival season? Book in to have your hair styled professionally or pop in to buy your festival ready kit! 

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