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Written by Natasha Henson

Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish



It seems that the only hair products I use these days are by Bumble and Bumble and my gosh are they fabulous... I don't think I've come across anything I haven't liked yet and my latest obsession is the BB Thickening Dryspun Finish hair spray, something I didn't think I'd like and one of those products that always makes your hair look incredible after leaving the hairdressers. I did worry I wasn't going to be able to make this work for me, I have quite a dry scalp when I use dry shampoo type products and can be quite sensitive to them also so when I found out this worked well for me it made it's way into my weekly hair routine!


The BB Dryspun Finish is basically a dry shampoo and a finishing hairspray rolled into one, it creates instant fullness and texture to my lifeless 3 day hair and gives it the life it needs without weighing it down or making it feel heavy. This product can be used on all hair types, I have quite thick hair although it can be very flat so it really works well adding that extra oomph and it's also appropriate for colour treated hair thankfully.


I like to use this either straight after blowdrying if I'm after a little more texture or after a couple of days when my hair starts to look a little limp and lifeless, it's perfect to spray onto freshly curled locks as it gives that extra body and texture without making it look crispy or too 'done' like some hair sprays can sometimes do. I really love this finishing spray and I'd highly recommend it if you have thin or lifeless hair that needs some texture and fullness without the backcombing and heavy feeling.


If you're struggling with flat and lifeless hair then ask in the salon for a try of the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun spray, it's pretty fabulous! 

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