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Written by Natasha Henson

Trending Haircuts For 2022

hair trends

New Year, new you? If you are looking forward to reviving your look in 2022, you may well be considering a change of hairstyle. Many of us tend to stick to the same cut. Or, if we have long hair, fall into the trap of a ponytail or messy bun every day so that we can get on with things.

However, there’s a host of haircut trends perfect for a little change. So let’s take a look at what’s trending to inspire your next cut.

Luscious layers

hair trends 2022

If you want to keep the length but stay on-trend this year, go for the layered look. It requires blunt ends worked into longer layers, which gives a fabulous volumised look when you blow-dry.

Opting for layers can accentuate your face shape, and your stylist will know exactly to make them perfect for maximum impact. For example, the layers can skim the cheekbones or line up with the lips - whatever best suits you best.

The beauty of long layers is that you have total flexibility with everyday styling, especially if you haven’t got time for the full blow-dry.

Beautiful bangs

hair trends

If you have been thinking about a fringe but are unsure that you want to commit, why not consider the on-trend look of grown-out bangs. This is almost an extension of layers, keeping it shorter in the middle of your forehead but longer at the sides.

It harks back to the winged fringes of the ’70s but with a more modern vibe. This style works well with any hair type and helps create soft framing to show off your best features.

Nice and natural

hair trends

2022 is all about keeping it natural. People are moving away from sculpted looks that are hard to maintain. If you have naturally wavy hair, think about taming its natural curliness rather than putting your locks through the straightening process. For straight locks, hold back on the heat too and embrace a slight wave.

If you’re considering the au-natural look, good quality products are also your best friend. These go-to essentials will tame frizz and keep your hair healthy.

Cracking crops

hair trends

Have no fear; if you prefer your hair shorter, you will be relieved to learn that the bob plays a massive part in hairstyle trends in 2022.

Again blunt bobs are stealing the limelight, and many celebrities have been seen chopping their locks to see in the New Year. If you’re feeling brave, the perfect bob sits in between the chin and the collarbone, but there’s also the option to go shorter for très chic styling. There’s also the option of a longer bob or lob, which is perfect for anyone wanting to take this cut in stages.

Fancy a big hair change this year? Speak to your stylist about how this year’s hair trends could work for you.

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