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Top Self-Care Podcasts To Help You De-Stress


2020 has been a particularly tough year for many people due to COVID-19 affecting so many different areas of our lives. 

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed is quite normal at the moment, and it is natural to look for sources of help to learn how to deal with this and to feel better. Podcasts are an amazing way to learn new strategies of self-care and coping as well as the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Here are some of the top self-care podcasts that are worth listening to: 

Talking in Circles with Laura Miller 

Laura Miller plays host to brutally honest conversations that deal with issues surrounding mental health. Most of the people she chats with are female, but there are some men, so do you stick around and have a listen. In the interviews, they talk about many different issues, how they cope and what strategies they use, and there are very few topics that appear to be off-limits. She encourages her guests to chat about issues we would normally hide from the world, which is very helpful at this time. 

Listen to the podcast here.


This podcast is hosted by the same company that produced the Meditation Studio app which you may be familiar with. The basis of Untangle is focused on people who have inspiring stories, and they share them honestly and meaningfully. In each episode, there will be a new story and techniques for slowing down your life and introducing calm in the chaos, thereby bringing your stress levels down. It has a strong focus on meditation and teaches you techniques that help you fall in love with this concept.

Listen to the episodes here.

The One You Feed

There is an ancient belief that claims within each one of us there are two wolves, a good wolf and the bad wolf. That is where this blog pulled its name from and the fact that what wins in our life depends on the wolf we feed. The people behind this podcast are Chris Forbes and Eric Zimmer, and they conduct interviews with mental health experts that will help you understand the difference between the two wolves and how to make sure you are feeding your good wolf rather than your bad wolf. Both men have stories of their own, Zimmer, in particular, who is now a renowned coach who helps people with mental health issues every day. 

Check out the podcast here.

The Pineapple Project

The Pineapple Project got its name from the prickly bits of life and hailed from Australia’s ABC radio station. They focus on how you can make your prickly bits somehow easier to cope with. It is light listening, but it does have plenty of merits with host Jan Fran bringing humour to otherwise heavy and dark topics. 

Listen to the podcast here.

Podcasts are a great way to help you learn new strategies to improve your emotional wellbeing. They are also a source of inspiration and education on a range of topics, from health to news and current affairs. 


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