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Bumble & Bumble Blow Dry Range


Let's just say I'm not really one to blow dry my hair very well, I need all the help I can get and that's where these amazing creams from Bumble & Bumble come in. I have been trying all three over the past three months and I feel I can now tell you about them all and how they've worked for me and how they can work for you. 


BB Straight Blow Dry

I have been using this when I want sleek, straight locks as you can imagine from the name it does what it suggests and leaves you with beautifully straight hair. All of these Blow dry creams are heat activated so you need to blow dry your hair in order to get it working, I was a little worried about that because I tend to rough dry my hair a lot or use a paddle bush but using a paddle brush thankfully has worked fine it's very lightweight and I'd say perfect for those with super curly, thick, unmanageable locks. 


BB Repair Blow Dry

So we've all been there right? Over processed hair, I've got it! Luckily after having the chop a couple of months ago my hair feels restored and healthy again, to maintain that I like to use this when I have straightened my hair a little too much or it's feeling a little dry and worse for wear. My hair definitely feels smoother after using this, I can notice that it's sealed those split ends and keeps my style looking fresher for longer which is great. I'd recommend using this when you hair is feeling a little brittle from over processing or heat styling and to just pop on to mid lengths and ends for a real freshen up. 


BB All-Style Blow Dry

My favourite creme of them all is All-Style, it's definitely the one I reach for the most because it includes oil absorbing powders to extend the life of your hair. My hair only gets washed twice a week so it's prone to getting a little oily after day 2 so to make sure I get the most out of my washes and styling I opt for this one quite a lot. It definitely helps my hair look fresher for longer and gives a nice smooth finish which is what I'm after. You can use this from root to tip and a little goes a very long way, I always make sure I rub the product in then brush through to make sure it's been distributed evenly and it works great that way for me. 


Which do you think would work best for you, my personal favourite is All-Style. 

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Thursday, 09 December 2021
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