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Written by Natasha Henson

4 Ways To Prep Your Hair For Autumn

autumn hair 5

Summer now feels like a distant memory (well, the two weeks we had of it!), and it’s now time to get all the cosy feels ready for the new season. However, while the image of autumn always shows us beautiful colours blanketing the landscape - we all know that means wind and rain!

But, just because the weather hasn’t played ball this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t look good under the rain mac. The next few months will start to get cooler, and that can play havoc with your locks. So, there are a few things you can do to protect your hair.

Refresh the colour

autumn hair

The new season always brings us new colours to obsess over, so there's no better time to have a refresh. Classic brunettes are a popular choice, including rich chocolate and espresso tones. Plus, you could also consider updating a balayage with darker roots and autumnal ends. If you’re like me and can’t part with your blonde tresses, there are lots of beautiful warmer shades and face-framing techniques to update your look.

Hold off on regular shampooing

autumn hair

It’s tempting to wash your hair every day, but whatever the season, try to reduce how much you shampoo your tresses. The cold weather can dry out your locks, so washing may strip the natural oils further. Instead, why not make friends with some dry shampoo and use it in between washes to keep your hair looking fresh.

Avoid static

autumn hair

Have you noticed your hair becomes more static when the weather changes? This is because the colder temperatures mean there’s less moisture in the air, which can lead to your hair drying out, thus creating static. If you have this issue, give your locks some TLC every week with a moisturising hair mask.

Steven & Laurent Hairdressers have a range of Kevin Murphy products perfect for keeping static at bay. I particularly love the Kevin Murphy Leave-In.Repair treatment. Not only does it restore and repair the hair, it also provides heat defence if you want to use styling tools.

Swap your hairbands

autumn hair

If you’re still using hairbands with metal fastenings, it’s time to swap these for bands that are much kinder to your hair. Autumn weather can make your locks more susceptible to breakage, so you’ll want to avoid this as much as possible if you love wearing an up-do. I know first-hand how much these little blighters get caught up when you’re untangling your hair, so why not opt for a scrunchie instead. You don’t have to go full-on 90s look if that’s not your bag, as there are tons of colours and designs to suit your personal style. In addition, scrunchie fabric glides through your tresses easier and prevents pulling, so you won’t have to worry about unintended layering from any breakage.

If you're looking for inspiration for your next cut and colour, check out our Facebook, Instagram and new TikTok page. 

Images: Unsplash 

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Quick and Easy TikTok Hair Hacks

hair hacks

TikTok is the next big thing in social media, so it’s no surprise trends are emerging on the platform by the second. From TikTok challenges to life hacks and general entertainment, you’ll find everything and more to distract you for a few hours!

One of the draws to the platform is checking out different hacks you can try, and a great example of this is hair hacks. Now, I would note, there are lots of things NOT to try with your hair if you’re unsure, and plenty of TikTok hair fail videos that will give you some insight. However, there are some easy and hassle-free styling hacks you can use to speed up your routine. Check out some of the top TikTok hair hacks below:

Bathrobe overnight curls

hair hacks

This styling hack gained TikTok fame last year for creating an easy way to get bouncy curls while you sleep, and all you need is your bathrobe tie to get heat-free waves. Check out how to do it here. This hair hack also had celebrity stylists raving about it, so why not try it out for wavy locks.

The perfect curtain bangs

hair hacks

Curtain bangs are a huge hair trend at the moment, but if you struggle to keep the volume in your fringe, check out this TikTok hair hack. It’s super simple; just use a round brush and blow-dry upwards for added oomph.

No-tie bun

hair hacks

If you’re trying to tame long locks into a messy bun, it’s often not as easy as it looks. So why not opt for the no-tie bun instead. This TikToker shows you how to style your hair quickly with no tools here.

Easy half up-dos

hair hacks

The 90s hair claw accessory is back, and the number of TikTok videos featuring this gem shows how popular it is. For a quick and easy half up-do, guide the hair claw along your parting to pick up hair and secure it in place at the back. It works for mid to long length hair, and there are a variety of colours available to match your outfits.

Get a thicker ponytail

hair hacks

Does your ponytail fall flat after a while? Well, this TikToker shows us how to add more bounce and volume with just a few clips.

Have you tried out any TikTok hair hacks that save you time in the morning? Let us know your favourites! 

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The Biggest Fringe Trends in 2021

fringe trends

When it comes to updating your hair, adding a fringe to your style is one of the most popular ways to completely transform your look. But, it’s often one of those ‘will it suit me?’ moments for many, and if you’re like me, you’ve yet to take the plunge.

However, there’s practically a fringe to suit all face shapes, and with advice from your stylist, you could be rocking this year’s trends.

There’s no shortage of inspiration available, and we’ve seen celebrities sporting bangs in many forms. So take a look at some of the top fringe trends this year and find out which styles might suit you best.


70s bangs

spring hair trends 2

Celebrities have been channelling major 70s vibes recently with feathered cheekbone length fringes and tousled locks. This hairstyle suits both blonde and brunette tones and adds depth and texture to longer hair giving you old school Farrah Fawcett volume.


Parisian cuts

parisian fringe

The fringe associated with chic Parisian style is having its moment once again. This sleek cut arches above the brows and is soft on the cheekbones. It’s also a pretty heavy fringe, but the textured edges create a more versatile style compared to the blunt cut.


Micro fringe

micro fringe

This fringe trend might not be for everyone, but A-listers from FKA Twigs, Emma Roberts and Bella Hadid have been spotted rocking this statement style. If you’re tempted to get the micro fringe chop, chat to your stylist about what suits your face shape and how to maintain this cool look.


The blunt cut

blunt fringe

Blunt bangs are one of the most popular options when opting for a fresh new cut. This fringe falls across the forehead and is ideal for naturally straight hair. However, blunt cuts can emphasize the width of the face, so chat to your hairdresser on the best options.


Curtained bangs

curtained fringe

The curtained fringe is a slightly less tousled version of the 70s bangs. This look naturally falls to the sides of the forehead and around the eye. This fringe trend is perfect for concealing a broader forehead and draws attention to the jawline.

What’s your favourite fringe trend?

Fringes will always be in fashion, but it’s sometimes challenging to pick the right style for your face shape. Plus, they are typically more maintenance in-between regular cuts. However, if you’re thinking about revamping your look, chat with your stylist to see what could work for you and your lifestyle.


Images: Unsplash/Pexels

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Benefits of Visiting a Hair Salon

adam winger KVVjmb3IIL8 unsplash

Getting my hair refreshed is one of my favourite pampering sessions – I mean, who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh cut hair!

Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the salon or pop in a few times a year, the experience of having a professional cut and colour can help you feel great. Plus, it provides long term care for your hair.

There are many benefits of visiting a salon, and here’s a few of them below:

Professional haircuts and colouring services

While lockdown may have had some of you trimming or colouring your own hair, there’s nothing better than getting a professional stylist to refresh your hair.

The talented team at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers are experts in helping you achieve a look and style that makes you feel incredible. Plus, visiting a hairstylist sorts out common issues such as split ends, uneven hair colour, and lacklustre locks.

hair salon

The relaxation factor

The relaxation factor is a big part of why people go and get their haircut at a professional salon. Sitting in the chair for a few hours is an enjoyable and relaxing way to focus on self-care and take time away from the everyday routine.

For me, there is nothing more relaxing than having my hair washed and dried and seeing the final result.

Healthy hair

If you’re looking to get healthy hair, visiting a salon regularly is one of the best ways to achieve this. This is especially true for anyone looking for colour or bleach options, as uneven application can cause damage and dryness. Regular cuts also keep your hair healthy, and those split ends at bay.

hair salon 2

The socialisation factor

It’s no surprise that salons are one of the best places to socialise. Plus, being in and out of lockdowns over the past year - we could all do with a good ol’ chat and a cuppa for a few hours. You could even check out the drinks menu and have a cocktail while you wait!

Experience the benefits

Going to a hair salon for a professional cut and colour is a great opportunity to relax, socialise and achieve healthy, fabulous looking hair. It’s also the perfect way to incorporate self-care into your routine and take some time for yourself every few months.

Why not experience the benefits yourself and chat with the team at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers to book your next appointment.


Images: Unsplash 

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Lockdown Hair Transformation

Welcome back to the salon everyone! I was certainly happy to be back when Steven & Laurent Hairdressers opened up again last month. However, I think my roots were just bad as after the first lockdown, if not a little worse, so Ellie had her work cut out!

Of course, as always, I was in good hands, and I couldn’t wait to refresh the cut and colour. Again, I opted for my usual scalp bleach and bespoke toner, but this time, I wanted a few more inches off!

In the picture below, you can see how much my hair had grown out.

blonde hair roots

After a few hours in the chair and one of the salon’s signature cocktails later (and I can confirm it was delicious!), check out the result.

blonde bob

The stylists have been super busy since the opening in April and recently welcomed a new stylist to the team. Check out the recent haircuts and colours on the Steven & Laurent Hairdressers Facebook page for tons of inspo.

Kevin Murphy Nudes colour range

This month I spotted a new colour range in the salon that I’m really tempted to try on my next appointment. The Nudes range has four multi-tonal shades, and I absolutely love the vibe of the 11.28 colour. I’ll update you next month on whether I was brave enough to try it!

hair colour


My product of the month

I’m a big fan of Kevin Murphy products and use them on every wash. You can see the products I use to wash and condition my hair here.

However, this month, I thought I’d share one of my favourite finishing products, the Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine spritz.

shimmer shine

You might be able to tell from its name this product gives your hair a beautiful shine after application. It’s packed with goodies including vitamin C and E plus bamboo and baobab extracts that nourish from scalp to tip. This product also shares light-reflecting technology that you find in many high-end skincare ranges.

The thing I love most about this finishing spray – it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave an oily residue like others I’ve tried. So if you have fine hair like mine, I’d definitely recommend this spray if you are struggling to find the perfect product.

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The Best Weatherproof Hairstyles This Spring

outdoor hairstyles

Come rain or shine; if you’re meeting loved ones outdoors this spring, we have some great weather-friendly hairstyles to tame your lockdown tresses.

Low ponytail

For a super simple up-do that can withstand the elements, a low ponytail is your best friend. This style is sleek and easy to master. Plus, you can add a little extra with a colourful hair tie or clips.

outdoor hairstyles 2


French plait

Ok, so this may not be the easiest hairstyle for everyone, but it’s one of the best ways to create a chic up-do that keeps all your hair perfectly in place. There are tons of tutorials online, like this one.

outdoor hairstyles 3


Half up, half down hairstyles

Another super easy and perfect look is the half-up, half-down hairstyle. You can choose to twist the front sections and tie them back or scoop the top part of your hair back into a clip. Plus, frame the face with a few loose strands or curl the ends to add a little volume.

outdoor hairstyles 4


High ponytail

90s trends are back, so why not opt for a high ponytail to recreate a sporty-chic vibe. This is another super easy hairstyle that will withstand the elements, and don't forget to add a little spritz to tame the flyaways.

outdoor hairstyles 5


Low bun hairstyle

A low bun is a great way to tie your hair back with an elegant twist. There are a few subtle variations on how to style a soft bun but check out this tutorial for a straightforward style.

outdoor hairstyles 6


Hair scarf styles

Another fabulous way to tame your locks is by wearing a pretty hair scarf. There are plenty of ways to style a headscarf; check out these examples here. Another bonus – it’ll hide those lockdown roots perfectly!

outdoor hairstyles 7


Messy top knot

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have probably mastered the messy top knot during the first lockdown. However, there’s nothing stopping you from sporting this look outside too. To make it look a little sleeker, add some light hairspray to fix those flyaways in place, plus add a few clips to keep your bun looking perfectly messy, whatever the weather.

outdoor hairstyles 8


It’s not long until the salon opens again! So if you're looking forward to refreshing your lockdown hair, contact the team to book your appointment.


Images: Unsplash 

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Top Spring Hair Trends 2021

hair trends spring

If like me, you’re looking forward to getting back in the salon, here are some top hair trends this spring that offer a stylish refresh for the new season.

Easy air-dried styles

Throughout lockdown, I took the opportunity to give my hair a break from the heat and embrace air-drying, and it seems it be a big trend this year (I’m not surprised!). However, instead of leaving those locks to turn into a ball of frizz, it’s the perfect time to add a little product to tame them as they dry. I absolutely love the Kevin Murphy Un.tangled Leave-in Conditioner for this very reason. My hair always feels soft, and it has a built-in heat protector if you want to just give it a quick blast with the hairdryer.

spring hair trends 6

Blunt ends

Blunt cuts are set to be a hot trend for 2021 and it's definitely what I’ll be getting as soon as I head back to the salon. Razor-sharp edges look sleek and tamed without the style being too high maintenance - what’s not to love!

spring hair trends

All types of bobs

Bobs with bangs, short and sweet, plus lobs will all be appearing on our Insta grids soon enough. While short bobs require some maintenance, they also look perfect with messy texture and blunt, bouncy sweeps to give you that natural vibe. If you’re thinking about getting the chop, chat to your stylist about what length and style are best for your lifestyle.

spring hair trends 1

70s bangs

You may have already seen 70s sweeping curtain bangs all over social media. Hillary Duff showed us how to rock this look on her Insta grid. Plus, it’s the perfect low maintenance vibe if you don’t want the upkeep of shorter bangs.

spring hair trends 2


The ponytail never goes out of fashion. You can choose to leave your fringe down, framing the face or gather it all up into a tail that you can wear anywhere from the back of the head to the top of the crown. Don’t want the band to show, why not wrap a small bit of hair around the band and then just pin it in place. Another twist on the classic seen all over Instagram is the bubble ponytail. It’s easy to create and only takes a few minutes to accomplish the perfect textured ponytail.

spring hair tredns 3

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your next hair appointment, check out our Facebook page.

Images: Unsplash 

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Style Resolutions For The New Year

Looking at New Year resolutions in a different light - have you considered small fashion changes that can affect not only yourself but also your wider environment for the long term?

While this year hasn’t really given us the chance to wear anything other than loungewear, that hasn’t stopped people splashing the cash on new clothing. When high street stores were closed, online purchases were soaring. It was reported online fashion retailer Boohoo (who own several other brands) saw group profits rise by 51% year on year in the six months to August.

So with all these clothes taking up wardrobe space, will 2021 see us cutting back on those fashion buys?

Like most of 2020, uncertainty will probably be a significant feature as we navigate the next few months, but if you want to make some small changes to the way you shop next year, check out these handy tips.

Say no to trends (if you want to)

It’s so easy to succumb to trends without even realising. One minute you’re feeling pretty content with your wardrobe; the next, you spot one of those ‘got-to-have-it-now’ items, either in stores or on social media.

Sure, that off-the-shoulder top with fluted, pleated sleeves might look good at a party (if we can actually go to one next year!), but will you really want to wear it four months down the line? Probably not!

Trends come and go, and sometimes they just don’t stand the test of time. Instead, opt for classic, capsule items that will last many seasons, instead of one.

online shopping

Aim to shop more consciously

Becoming a more conscious shopper doesn’t mean you have to start wearing clothes made of hemp or dressing yourself head-to-toe in organic cotton (although there are tons of fabulous brands that create clothing with these eco-conscious materials).

The main aspect of shopping consciously is being aware of your purchases. Asking questions such as - who made this t-shirt? Or do I really need another pair of shoes?

Another great way to consider what you buy is thinking about how many times you’ll wear it. Basically, it’s creating a cost-per-wear, and if you get lots of wear out of something, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Conscious shopping is becoming easier with tons of brands now offering sustainable options. For more information on how ethical your favourite brands are, check out the app Good On You.

Have a proper wardrobe clear-out

There’s no harm in giving your wardrobe a bit of a ‘spring clean’ every six months. Come January, pull out all those items stored away and have a good sort out. You could either approach this with the Marie Kondo method - i.e. picking up each item individually and asking yourself whether or not it ‘sparks joy’. Or follow the tried-and-tested line of questioning: Have you worn it, or even thought about it, in the last six months? If not, it’s destined for the charity shop.

Clothes shopping has been very different for everyone over the past year, and I’ve certainly felt the urge for a little add to basket’ session throughout this period. However, 2020 has given me an insight into the things I love wearing and what styles I’ll be taking forward to the New Year.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and lovely break. See you in 2021!

Images: Unsplash 

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Top Self-Care Podcasts To Help You De-Stress


2020 has been a particularly tough year for many people due to COVID-19 affecting so many different areas of our lives. 

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed is quite normal at the moment, and it is natural to look for sources of help to learn how to deal with this and to feel better. Podcasts are an amazing way to learn new strategies of self-care and coping as well as the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Here are some of the top self-care podcasts that are worth listening to: 

Talking in Circles with Laura Miller 

Laura Miller plays host to brutally honest conversations that deal with issues surrounding mental health. Most of the people she chats with are female, but there are some men, so do you stick around and have a listen. In the interviews, they talk about many different issues, how they cope and what strategies they use, and there are very few topics that appear to be off-limits. She encourages her guests to chat about issues we would normally hide from the world, which is very helpful at this time. 

Listen to the podcast here.


This podcast is hosted by the same company that produced the Meditation Studio app which you may be familiar with. The basis of Untangle is focused on people who have inspiring stories, and they share them honestly and meaningfully. In each episode, there will be a new story and techniques for slowing down your life and introducing calm in the chaos, thereby bringing your stress levels down. It has a strong focus on meditation and teaches you techniques that help you fall in love with this concept.

Listen to the episodes here.

The One You Feed

There is an ancient belief that claims within each one of us there are two wolves, a good wolf and the bad wolf. That is where this blog pulled its name from and the fact that what wins in our life depends on the wolf we feed. The people behind this podcast are Chris Forbes and Eric Zimmer, and they conduct interviews with mental health experts that will help you understand the difference between the two wolves and how to make sure you are feeding your good wolf rather than your bad wolf. Both men have stories of their own, Zimmer, in particular, who is now a renowned coach who helps people with mental health issues every day. 

Check out the podcast here.

The Pineapple Project

The Pineapple Project got its name from the prickly bits of life and hailed from Australia’s ABC radio station. They focus on how you can make your prickly bits somehow easier to cope with. It is light listening, but it does have plenty of merits with host Jan Fran bringing humour to otherwise heavy and dark topics. 

Listen to the podcast here.

Podcasts are a great way to help you learn new strategies to improve your emotional wellbeing. They are also a source of inspiration and education on a range of topics, from health to news and current affairs. 


Image: Unsplash 

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The Biggest Hair Colour Trends This Autumn

The mercury is beginning to fall, and it’s time to put on our cosy knits and even consider turning the heating on! The change in seasons is also a great time to experiment with some new looks that fit the recent trends for autumn. Warm browns and reds naturally fit in with the falling of the leaves, but this year we also see some impressive blonde tones too. So, if you’re thinking about a change this season, check out some of the biggest hair trends this autumn.

Red hot tones 


One of the biggest trends for hair colour this season is red. Most tones of red are featuring highly but sticking to the warm auburn hues can be the perfect fit. Brands have debuted their red velvet hair colouring which is simply stunning and if you prefer something a little darker why not consider red wine-coloured depths for your hair this October.

Copper hues


Why not consider bringing a copper tone to your hair which adds warmth and depth, matching the style of the season. Of course, it doesn’t need to be all one colour you can experiment with natural roots and lifted tones towards the ends of the hair that gently frame the face. When copper perfectly complements your skin tone, it gives you that gorgeous glow that will turn heads when you are out and about.

Warm up blonde tresses


Don’t worry; there is still a place for blonde bombshells this autumn. It’s all about honey and golden tones. Two shades of blonde offers a stunning look that works well with every skin tone and brings a depth of colour to your hair that you will love.

Bring on the balayage


In an alternative to honey blonde, you can opt for blonde balayage which perfectly mixes the cool and warm tones to create a gorgeous colour. Keeping your roots natural, your stylist will mix in the perfect combination of cool tips and darker roots that create a beautiful new look that works perfectly for the season. 

Mocha with a dash of caramel


Brunettes don’t despair; autumn is all about the caramel coffee colours that combine seamlessly for stunning multi-tonal browns that really speak of autumn. These rich colours work well on many different skin types and can be tailored to your preferences. 

Autumn 2020 has a wide range of perfectly on-trend colours. If you want some more inspiration, check out Instagram and Pinterest for lots of autumnal hair colour options. 

Don't forget your stylist is always on hand to offer advice on the perfect colour for your skin tone and share those all-important tips on colour maintenance.


Images: Unsplash

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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Hydrated This Summer


While you might love the sun on your body, it can actually play havoc with your hair. And it doesn't end there. Taking into account sand, seawater, and chlorine, our hair can actually go through the mill during these warmer months. For some people, it can also create a frizzy nightmare as humidity rises. So how do you look after your locks when the sun is shining?

No added heat

While it might not be the news you want to hear, summer is the perfect time to ditch your hot styling tools. Your hair is already going to be under some stress, so hair straighteners, blow-dryers and curling tongs are only going to make things worse. If you're looking to add some volume without the heat, why not wash your hair and plait it just before heading to bed, and when you wake up, you'll have bouncy summer beach waves. 

Wear a hat

Sun on the head, is damaging because of the ultraviolet light within the rays. It has a toasting effect on the shaft of the hair. You are basically baking it, and this damages it, drying out the outer layer which is normally nice and smooth. So, wearing a hat when you're going to be out in the sun for a while makes a lot of sense. If you have coloured hair, it may fade in the sun, and bleached hair can become brassy. Whether you fancy a large floppy sun hat or a baseball cap, the fashion choice is entirely yours, but if you can tuck most of your hair up under the hat more so the better or ponytail the rest, so it stays in the shade of the brim.



There are three main products you can use to rehydrate your hair, shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask. There are plenty of moisturising formulas on the market, so have a look around and see what might work best whether you have coloured hair, frizzy hair, thick hair etc. You can also find shampoos that have a sun protection factor which will help you even outside of the shower. Once a week, consider a hydrating mask that can be applied to the hair and left in for a while before rinsing out. Again, you may need to do some research on the best mask for your hair type, but there are so many out there, you are sure to find something to restore shine and condition.

Head into the water with wet hair

Hair can only absorb so much water, so it actually makes sense to head into a pool or the sea with your hair already wet. By rinsing it under clean water before you start, you limit the amount of chlorine and salt that can get absorbed. You should then wash your hair immediately when you come out. If you are going to be sitting in the sun after your swim, you can also apply hair sun cream to add more protection. 

If you have any questions about how to keep your hair healthy this summer, chat to your stylist who'll be happy to give you advice and product recommendations. 

Images: @tashaahenson

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Saying Goodbye To Lockdown Hair

stevenandlaurent header

One of the things I was most looking forward to when lockdown started to ease was getting back into the salon. If like me, your roots were a good few inches long, but you resisted the temptation to get the box dye out – congrats we made it!

The new normal

It’s no surprise that the phones were off the hook trying to get an appointment at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers as soon as they announced the re-opening. Getting my hair done is certainly something I’ve missed during lockdown, and I’m sure many people felt the same way.

After booking my appointment, they went through all the things that were in place and what to expect in the salon. I didn’t have any reservations about going, and once I arrived, as normal, I felt totally at ease. I still haven’t got used to wearing a face-covering though, but it’s the new normal until the situation changes.

If you’re booked in over the next few weeks, you can expect the same fantastic service as always. There are just a few more safety elements in place so that everyone feels comfortable and safe during their appointment. For more details, check out this Facebook post.

Hello refreshed locks

From my previous posts, you’ll know that I have bleach on my regrowth and toner to make it icy white. Of course, with around four months of no touch-ups, you can imagine my roots were pretty noticeable. If you follow my Instagram (@tashaahenson), you’ll see that I made good use of hats during the lockdown period. Plus, I also kept up a ritual of leaving it a few days between washes and using Kevin Murphy products.

My stylist Cameron said my hair was in great condition, and while I usually have a good few inches chopped off - this time, we decided to leave it slightly longer as the condition was fab.

Check out the result below:

tashaahenson hair

Your next appointment

With lockdown easing, all the new safety precautions and wearing a face covering can feel quite daunting. However, the team are on-hand to answer any questions you have to help make the process super easy. You can also check out the Steven & Laurent Hairdressers Facebook and Instagram pages, where you’ll find regular updates and information on salon appointments.

Invest in your hair - it’s the crown you never take off.

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Self-Care Tips to Try at Home

self care tips

The current situation that we find ourselves in is not something any of us could’ve foreseen, so it is natural to feel confused, worried and even scared. Let’s begin by saying there is no correct way to react to such a situation. So, however, you are feeling, be sure to acknowledge, accept, and love yourself.

It is a marathon duration to spend in one location, most of us usually spend a lot more time out and about, and socialising. The lack of socialisation is very confusing and isolating, but there’s nothing we can do about that at the moment except phone and text lots. What we can do is practice self-care and look after ourselves as best we can. Take a look at how below:

Take a breath

self care tips

Learning some breathing techniques will help you to force your system to relax a little bit and let go of the panic. Taking slow deep breaths releases endorphins into the brain and you will feel instantly calmer. Alternate nostril breathing is a great way to get started. Using the third finger on your left hand block your right nostril and inhale through your left nostril for a count of seven. Use your thumb to block your left nostril and hold your breath for a count of four. Release your finger from the right nostril and exhale for a count of seven. Repeat this a couple more times and then try the other side, breathing in through the right and out through the left.

Keep moving

self care tips

The temptation to sit and chill out for long periods is huge, but it is important to our bodies moving. You will not be getting the same amount of exercise as you used to, even if it was just things like walking around the office or going out at lunchtime to the shops. If you have one, this is a great time to use your exercise bike as something other than a clotheshorse, and also a perfect time to develop a yoga practice. Try and alternate some cardiovascular activity, perhaps run up and down the stairs or whack on your favourite tunes and dance. Plus, add in some stretching based workouts too. 

Have a sort out

self care tips

Some of us thrive on sorting out and rearranging. However, at this time, it might seem somewhat overwhelming, but it can still be a very worthwhile thing to do. If you find it all a bit much then just start with a tiny corner perhaps where you sit to watch television, or your desk if you have to work from home. Just take 10-15 minutes to shuffle, take out things that don’t need to be there and generally tidy up a bit. Add some nice pictures or a plant.

Finally, don’t forget to rest. It is actually perfectly acceptable to spend some time binge-watching box sets or catching up on your favourite programmes. Above all, be gentle with yourself and take care.

The team at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers can't wait to get back to normal. But in the meantime, stay safe and well, and we'll get you booked in as soon as we reopen! Don't forget to contact us on Facebook or Instagram and get on the guestlist to be notified as soon as we're back! 


Images: Unsplash 

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Top Hair Care Products For Bleached and Colour-Treated Hair

haircare products

If you get your hair coloured or bleached, it’s not just the processing part that needs care and attention – it’s how you look after it at home too!

You’ll want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible, so the products you use are vital to ensure it stays in the best condition.

In my previous post, you can see my hair is bleached, and then a toner is applied to achieve the icy white colour. However, toners do fade after a few weeks, and even sooner if you wash it often.

So how can you keep the colour and vibrancy of it in between salon visits? Simple, it’s all about the products you use.

Avoid washing your hair every day

First things first, I want to chat about how many times you wash your hair a week. I’ll admit I used to wash my hair every day because I thought it looked greasy after a few hours. It probably didn’t and after chatting to my stylist Cameron about how quickly it would fade - I soon started leaving it a few days between full washes.

Choosing the right products

The products you use are a vital part of the aftercare process. For me, keeping the cool tones is essential. I used to think that I needed to soak my locks in purple shampoo for ages to keep it looking fresh. Most often, this just created a purple tint and washed out pretty quickly. However, now I take a completely different approach.

The products you use every day can help to keep the colour fresher for longer and improve the condition of your hair. I have been trying some products for the past few months, and here are my recommendations if you need an extra boost for your colour treated hair.

haircare products 2

Kevin Murphy Repair range

These products are great for colour treated hair. They are enriched with powerful proteins and amino acids to strengthen the hair from root to tip. Check out the products I’m using at the moment:

REPAIR-ME.WASH – A restorative shampoo that cleanses, strengths and repairs hair.

REPAIR-ME.RINSE – A reparative conditioner that nourishes and restores health and vibrancy.

LEAVE-IN.REPAIR – A lightweight leave-in conditioning treatment that repairs and restores fragile hair.

RE.STORE – An ultra-conditioning treatment to replenish dry and damaged hair. It’s designed to be used in place of shampoo and conditioner once a week.

SHIMMER SHINE – A treatment and finishing spray that adds a glossy and radiant shine to your hair.

Each of the above products is available at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers. Plus, your stylist can chat to you about which are suitable for your hair type.

You don’t have to use a lot of each product when you’re applying it either. Trust me; you’ll know if you’ve applied too much :)

I leave my hair for approximately 8-9 weeks between appointments. In that time, I use purple shampoo maybe once or twice because the Kevin Murphy products help to keep it in the best condition.

It’s also advisable to chat to your stylist about purple shampoos, as they can be harsh on your hair and lead to breakage if used regularly.

Kevin Murphy sets

Whether you want to get a few products for yourself, or are buying for someone special - there is a selection of haircare sets available at the salon that make the perfect gift.

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My Blonde Hair Colour Transformation at Steven & Laurent Hairdressers

hair transformation copy

I’ve experimented with different cuts and colours from a young age. You name it; I’ve had it! Bright colours, long hair, short hair, highlights, bangs, and even a perm, which seemed like a great idea at the time! My hair has been on quite a journey and the things I’ve put it through, I’m surprised it’s still going strong.

Before coming to Steven & Laurent Hairdressers, I was really miffed about the condition and colour of my hair (and that’s to put it politely!). A few years ago, I wanted to go lighter, and I was fully aware of the time it would take to get my hair to the colour it is now. However, after a costly and frustrating time at a previous salon, I ended up with numerous tones and very dark roots that were nowhere near my natural colour.

Choosing a new salon to sort out my issue was a little stressful, as I knew it needed significant work to get it where I wanted it. Plus, there was putting trust in someone new after my previous experiences.

I researched tons of salons in the area, and time and time again, Steven & Laurent Hairdressers were recommended as the perfect choice. Taking a look at other transformations the stylists had done, I was confident they could tackle my locks.


The booking process was super easy, and I chatted to Witney on the phone about my hair issues. She set me up with a consultation with senior stylist Cameron to determine whether what I wanted my hair to look like was achievable. Plus, I got an appointment on a Sunday, which was fab!

I’m sure Cameron was probably thinking ‘oh my’ when he saw my hair and I wouldn’t blame him. I was actually a little embarrassed about it. However, he put me at ease when he said he could fix it. After explaining what the process would be, and how long it could take, I booked an appointment.

I cannot stress enough that if you’re going really light, and practically icy white (like my colour is now), it can take hours to achieve, in numerous appointments. Looking at pictures of white-blonde hair on the Internet can give you an idea, but you have to take into consideration lighting and filters, and that your hair condition might not achieve the tone you want.

I was under no illusion that it would probably take a few appointments to fix the three-toned look I had going on. But, I was prepared for the commitment. Funnily enough, I don’t have many pictures of my hair when it looked like this, as I worked the angles and filters to try and block it out!

My first appointment

As I mentioned before, this appointment was booked in for quite a few hours, and I think I must have been there for at least 6! The different tones in my hair meant that Cameron had to even it all out and because I already had bleach on the ends, he was super careful not to over-process these areas.

Even though I was there for a good part of the day, I was well looked after. The drinks menu is fab, and I was stocked up on snacks. Steven also came round and snapped some pictures of the process for Instagram, which you can see below.

blonde hair transformation

After Cameron worked his magic, I couldn’t believe the results. I wasn’t expecting anything near the colour he achieved, and for the first time in ages, I was so happy with my hair.

blonde hair

Achieving an icy white blonde

Let’s not sugar coat it, keeping on top of all-over blonde is not for the faint-hearted. There’s root touch up and toners to think about, plus the aftercare too. But once you achieve that perfect colour, you’ll want to make sure it looks amazing.

blonde hair colour service

Since getting a clean blonde base, I’ve been a couple of different colours including a lilac shade, which you can see below.

lilac hair

My typical hair appointment now consists of bleach on my root growth, toner (mixed by Cameron), and Smartbond treatment. I’d certainly recommend going to a salon that uses this type of treatment or similar, as it strengthens your hair during and after a colour service. It’s particularly important if you colour your hair a lot!

At the moment, I’ve been sticking with cool blonde tones, and I think it’s become part of my signature style. I literally couldn’t imagine being any other colour at the moment (which I’m sure Cameron will be pleased to hear!).

Aftercare for blonde hair

Once Cameron does the hard work, it’s then up to me to try and keep it looking and feeling healthy. As I mentioned before, bleached hair needs TLC, so the products you use are really important.

I personally use Kevin Murphy products to keep it in excellent condition between top-ups. At the moment, I’m trying out the Repair collection, which includes:

REPAIR-ME.WASH – A restorative shampoo that cleanses, strengths and repairs hair.

REPAIR-ME.RINSE – A reparative conditioner that nourishes and restores health and vibrancy.

LEAVE-IN.REPAIR – A lightweight leave-in conditioning treatment that repairs and restores fragile hair.

You don’t have to use a lot of this product either to get great results and that way it also lasts a while too. I also use purple shampoo to keep the cool tones, and Kevin Murphy has a Blonde range which has products that banish brassy tones.

This is my colour at the moment, and you can see the transformation from when I have my roots done, and toner applied too.

white blonde hair

If you’re thinking about going lighter this year, the biggest takeaways from my experience are:

  • Avoid using bleach at home (believe me, it’s not worth the heartache when it turns an orangey colour!)
  • Be patient – it might take a few appointments to achieve the colour you want, especially if you have a darker base.
  • Use recommended products to take care of your colour and condition in between appointments

If you have any questions about colour services or products, chat to your stylist, and they’ll be happy to advise on the best options for your hair.

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Top Tips For Healthy Hair This Year

hair care tips

With colder weather setting in, it’s not just your skin that needs some extra attention this winter. The change in temperature can wreak havoc with your tresses, giving you anything from flat hat-hair to heat-damaged frizz.

We’ve all been there and taming those locks can sometimes be a little trickier than expected. So before you head for the heat to flatten that frizz, take a look at these handy tips to make your scalp and hair healthier over the winter months.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for you

Ok, so we might just head to the brands that are the cheapest but just taking the time to consider your hair products can make a world of difference. Some shampoos and conditioners are laden with chemicals so opting for professional products are often the best choice. You’re looking for products that will not only cleanse your hair but give it that boost of moisture too, which is perfect for keeping it super hydrated when you need it most.

Avoid heat

It may be tempting to tame unruly hair with hair straighteners or a hairdryer, but leaving your hair to dry naturally will do wonders for its appearance. Excessive heat and harsh products can cause the scalp to dry out and flake, which can create dandruff.

Turning down the temperature when washing your hair will also help prevent scalp upset. The thought of a steaming hot shower on a cold day sounds heavenly. However, this excessive heat is damaging to your skin, both on your body and your head. Your skin may become drier and start to flake, and your scalp will also try to compensate by producing more sebum that may actually make your hair appear greasy. A no-win all round!

hair care tips3

Get it trimmed regularly

As the winter kindly brings us cold snaps, knitted hats and days battling the wind and rain, your hair goes through a lot and can look lacklustre quicker than usual. A regular visit to your stylist will soon sort out those split ends, plus it gives you some time to indulge in a hair treatment. These specialist treatments will give your hair a moisture boost plus they keep colour looking fresher for longer.

At-home treatments for your hair and scalp

There are some easy things to try at home to give your hair and scalp that extra boost of hydration. A simple treatment is a hair mask. It’s really easy to fit into your routine and is the perfect excuse for a pamper session. If your hair is feeling super dry, why not leave a hair mask on overnight and rinse in the morning for super smooth and silky locks.

hair care tips 2

Avoid playing with your hair

Most of us do this without even thinking about it. But running your fingers through your hair or touching your scalp regularly transfers the oils, grease and dirt from your hands directly to your head. Touching your hair, twirling it around your finger or scrunching it up can also lead to breakage and unnecessary pulling of the root, which may lead to irritation and sometimes in extreme cases, hair loss.

Chat to your stylist

If you have any questions about how to tame your tresses this winter, chat to your stylist, and they’ll be happy to help.


Images: Unsplash 

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Happy New Year From Steven & Laurent Hairdressers

happy new year

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed some well-deserved time off. It’s been a while since we last posted, so I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as Steven & Laurent Hairdressers new blogger.

I’m Natasha, a freelance fashion and lifestyle creative based in North Devon. I started my journey as a blogger back in 2013 and have since had the opportunity to write for a range of well-known brands and publications, including Huffington Post UK, At Home Magazine and Women’s Fitness.

I am also the Editor of British Style Society, a life and style hub founded in February 2016. Here I feature a wide range of information including hotel and restaurant reviews, interiors, travel, fashion, beauty and wellbeing articles.

Alongside my freelance career, you’ll also find me on Instagram @tashaahenson, where I love styling outfits and sharing bargain vintage finds!

steven and laurent tashaahenson

What’s coming up on the blog?

Simply put, a little bit of everything. I’ll be covering news and updates on the salon plus reviews on hair products and treatments. I’ll also be sharing my hair journey, and I’ve had a pretty big transformation since I first walked into the salon nearly two years ago! (Big thanks to Cameron).

There’ll be lots of lifestyle posts too, including styling tips, haircare advice and gift ideas. Do let me know if you’d like me to cover anything specific in the comments below.

I’ll be sharing my first haircare tips post soon, but until then have a fabulous New Year!

Don’t forget to join us on Instagram and Facebook.  

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Hey guys, I hope you're all well and getting into the Christmas spirit?! I know it's still November but I just can't help myself. I just love the Christmas holidays, I do still have lots of shopping to do but I love going late night shopping and taking in all of the festive spirit. Anyway, I'm not here to talk Christmas today although if you haven't booked your next hair appointment I'd get booking right away, we are open late most nights and spaces are filling up fast! 

Today I wanted to just talk about something I have been asked a lot recently and that is "Can you dye your hair when pregnant?" The reason I've been asked this is because I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with my third child. I remember when I fell pregnant with my first child I didn't have my hair dyed until after my 12 week appointment but the answer to your question is yes, It's absolutely fine to dye your hair during pregnancy and I've had mine dyed from the very start with this baby and it's been absolutely fine.

However I would recommend mentioning that you are pregnant to your hairdresser before booking. I have foils so the colour never touches my scalp. Highlighting your hair, by putting the dye only on to strands of hair, also reduces any risk. The chemicals used are only absorbed by your hair, and not by your scalp or bloodstream. Your hair can change during pregnancy, it may react differently to colouring or perming than it usually does and become more or less absorbent, frizzy or unpredictable. If you are worried then I'd recommend having a strand test to see how the colour reacts, and if it takes how it usually would. 

I hope that has answered a few questions if you are pregnant and Congratulations! Get yourself booked into the salon for a lovely pamper.


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Hey guys, hope you are well? I just wanted to pop on today and share with you my hair journey with Steven & Laurent. I've been visiting the salon for a few years now and I've had a few different hair styles, and colour changes. I have been documenting this over on my YouTube channel so instead of talking you through each process I wanted to share a few of my "Come to the salon" videos with you incase you haven't seen them yet. 

Click this link to watch my Hair salon playlist. 

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Hi guys I hope you're well and enjoying the sunshine?! I just wanted to pop on here today to share with you some photos of my hair journey so far. I've been many shades of blonde and I've also been brunette so I wanted to talk you through how I've managed to get super blonde again and maintained healthy hair during the process.

Going super blonde can't really happen in one session unless you're naturally quite fair. So it has been a gradual process but it's also been the best thing for my hair. In the past I have had a full head bleach which left my hair very brittle and also very yellow. I have naturally dark, warm hair so lifting it can be quite difficult. Now that I'm happy with the shade of blonde I currently am I do a few things at home to maintain a fresh colour and healthy hair. Healthy, blonde hair needs care so here's what I do.

  • Regular trims. I have my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks which is when I also have my roots topped up.
  • Roots only! I never have the colour pulled through to the ends, the ends of my hair are blonde already so there is no need to over process.
  • Smartbond. I've been having the Smartbond treatment done at Steven & Laurent for a couple of years now and it's the best thing I have done for my hair whilst going blonde. It helps to protect and strengthen the hair and I've noticed a huge difference since using it. I also use the step 3 conditioner at home once a week.
  • Silver Shampoo, I like to use a silver shampoo once or twice a week and this just helps to keep any brassy tones at bay. The toner usually helps with this but it doesn't last until my next hair appointment so to keep the blonde looking fresh between appointments I'll opt for silver shampoo.
  • The final thing I do to keep my hair in good condition is use minimal heat. I used to blow-dry and straighten my hair 3-4 times a week and that is the worst thing you can do. I now try to let my hair air dry as much as possible then straighten it and I also like to leave my hair natural as much as possible now too.

Tell me about your hair journey, will you be lightening your hair up for summer or going dark? Would love to know!

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